Safety Driving Tips


Bavarian Autohaus cares about you and your car. We have compiled a list of the top five safety tips to prevent accidents and mishaps.

1. Don’t Get Too Close
Never drive too closely to the car in front of you. The space you give the car ahead of you, translates into the time you have to respond when something happens in front of you.

2. Tired and Drunk Driving
Even if you are just tipsy, it is not worth the risk. Wait until you are your normal self again, or have someone else drive you. It goes the same for driving when you are tired. Taking a 30 minute nap won’t hurt.

3. Prepare for the Worst
Imagine that everyone around you will make every mistake possible and be prepared to react if and when it happens.

4. No Speeding
We all know that speeding is a bad idea but maybe just a little faster than the limit won’t hurt right? WRONG. Speeding, even a little, is extremely dangerous. Speeding, along with aggressive driving, causes around 1/3 of all car accidents.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle
Some accidents are caused by people not getting their cars serviced regularly. Get your car serviced frequently to repair any potential problems before they lead to an accident.

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